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Nepal's 1st Laser Therapy Clinic

Laser Therapy is the latest alternative treatment of more than 400s of diseases by Low-Level Laser Radiation (LLLR) without any side effect and harm. It is easy, comfortable, not painful, no admission needed, OPD based treatment, low cost, early response and fast healing (10 times faster) than other therapies. Laser Radiation gives very low dose which is only enough to stimulate cells (biostimulation), re-activates and healing “NO” damage, better than surgery and physiotherapy in many diseases.


Personalized patient care is what sets Laser Therapy Clinic Nepal apart. When you visit our clinic, you can expect to receive world-class care. Nepal’s first laser therapy specialist Dr. Sushila Baidya, expert physiotherapists, laser technicians, and caring clinical staff provides you with an exceptional healthcare experience.


Watch interviews of Dr. Sushila Baidya and Dr. Prem Raj Baidya in various medias


Video interviews are a great medium to learn more about a particular subject. Here we present to you video interviews of Dr. Sushila Baidya and Dr. Prem Raj Baidya in various channels like Image Channel, Swastha Sarokar, Himalayan TV, Health Care, Mero Doctor, Avenues Health, Sidha Kura, TV99 Online, and various others.

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Laser Therapy Nepal specializes in laser therapy, which is first of its kind in Nepal. Other than laser therapy, other various services are available like physiotherapy, manual therapy, OPT, gyane-consult, cardio consult and so on. Click below to learn more about our services.

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Dr. Sushila Baidya writes about health, laser, diseases and many other subjects in various magazines and media. Read her blog here.


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What better way to learn about our services and the treatments we provide but from the patients’ themselves. Here we present to you video testimonials of some patients. Watch what they have to say.

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